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Trusts and Estates Law: Home

This guide highlights resources available to University of Wyoming College of Law students in the research and study of trusts and estates. For more information on resources or access, consult one your friendly law librarians.

Subscription Databases

Bloomberg Law – Browse All Content → Practice Centers → Tax → BNA Portfolios → Estates, Gifts and Trusts

Checkpoint – Current View → Estate and Retirement Planning

Lexis – Practice Area or Industry → Estate, Gift & Trust Law

Westlaw – Practice Areas → Estate Planning


A Lawyer’s Guide to Estate Planning, L. Rush Hunt, Lara Rae Hunt, Treatise Room KF 750 .H85

Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements, Robert P. Wilkins, Treatise Room KF 748.1 .W55

Estate Planning, A. James Casner, Jeffrey N. Pennell, Treatise Room KF 749 .C3

Estate Planning: Forms, Practice and Tax Analysis, Gerald S. Susman, Treatise Room KF 6572 .R59

Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reports, CCH, Treatise Room KF 8572 .A8 F44

Inside Wills and Trusts: What Matters Most and Why, William P. LaPiana, Reserve KF 730 .L35

Page on the Law of Wills, with Estate Planning Forms, Treatise Room KF 755 .P3

Plan your Estate, Denis Clifford, Reserve KF 750.Z9 C586

Planning an Estate: a Guidebook of Principles and Techniques, Harold Weinstock, Treatise Room KF 750 .W43

Scott (and Ascher) on Trusts, Austin Wakeman Scott, William F. Fratcher, Mark L. Ascher, Treatise Room KF 730 .S3

Tax, Estate, and Lifetime Planning for Minors, Carmina Y. D'Aversa, Treatise Room KF 750 .E844

Tax Management – Estates, Gifts & Trusts Portfolios, Reference M-N-10

Trusts & Trustees, George Gleason Bogert, Amy Morris Hess, Treatise Room KF 730 .B63

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: Including Taxation and Future Interests, William M. McGovern, Jr., Sheldon F. Kurtz, Treatise Room KF 755 .M34

For additional trust and estate treatises and e-books, search within the library catalog which indexes Aspen, Bloomberg BNA, CCH, Lexis, West Academic, Westlaw, and other titles.


Restatement of the Law, Second, Third Trusts, American Law Institute, Reference M-C-4 

Restatement of the Law, Third, Property: Wills & Other Donative Transfers, American Law Institute, Reference M-C-3

Visit HeinOnline for online access to the Restatements within the American Law Institute Library.

Description of American Law Institute Libra

Articles & Journals

There is a wealth of journals with trusts or estates as their focus. The following strategies will get you access to law journals (if you have a specific article in mind) or to a law review index (if you have a topic to search).

If you have a citation in hand, our law library has a number of trust and estate law journals shelved alphabetically on the second floor of the library.  

To review a list of our journal titles, start at our library catalog, select "advanced" search, type in relevant keywords such as "trust," "estate," "probate," or "will."  Under "material type" click on "journal," and select "submit."  Both print and electronic titles will be listed.

HeinOnline may also be used to retrieve law review articles by citation in the law journal library.

If you are starting with a topic, Lexis and Westlaw offer excellent journal indexes specific to trusts and estates. 

Lexis - Content Type → Secondary Materials → Law Review & Journals → Practice Area → Estate, Gift & Trust Law

Westlaw - All Content → Secondary Sources → Add and apply filters for Topic → Estate Planning and Publication Type → Law Review & Journals


Drafting Effective Wills and Trusts, Daniel P. Kapsak, Aaron Lyttle, NBI Reserve KFW 2544 .A75 D72 2011

Estate Administration Procedures:  Why Each Step is Important, Jacob L. Brooks, Kris C. Koski, Jessica Schneider, Michelle Stoll, NBI, Reserve KFW 4344 .B76 2012

Estate Planning for Farmers and Ranchers, Lynn Boak, Reba D. Epler, NBI, Reserve KFW  KFW 4340 .B63 2013

Trusts 101, Daniel P. Kapsak, Aaron Lyttle, NBI, Reserve KFW 4340 .K37 2014

Trusts 101, Marty Oblasser, Tassma A. Powers, Ann M. Rochelle, NBI, Reserve KFW 4340 .O25 2014