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Flow (by RefWorks): Home

Guide to using Flow for saving citations and articles for your research.

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What is Flow?

Flow is a way to manage documents as part of the research process.

You can:

  • Save documents for access on multiple computers/devices
  • Add highlights and notes to documents
  • Save citation information and create bibliographies
  • Organize files into folders and share them with other people
  • Save web pages for later viewing

Flow promotional video

Flow Guide from ProQuest

See the Flow guide from ProQuest, the company that developed Flow. Flow is an evolving product, so the guide is useful for tracking new features.

RefWorks vs. Flow

Which is better for me, RefWorks or Flow?

Flow is better at:

  • Managing documents. You can drag and drop files into Flow.
  • Adding highlights and notes to documents (RefWorks can't do it)
  • Saving web pages without ads
  • Pulling citations from web pages or uploaded documents.
  • Integrating with Google Docs.

RefWorks is better at:

  • Customizing citation styles (power users)
  • Making global edits to citations
  • Adding in-text citations and a creating a bibliography in your paper without installing the plugin for Word.
  • Exporting citations to other managers
  • RefWorks is the better option if you plan to use PCs in the UW computer labs for writing papers. Those computers have the Write-n-Cite add-on for Word, which is compatible with RefWorks.