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Finding Primary & Secondary Sources: Finding Primary & Secondary Sources by Subject

Use this guide to better understand the difference between a primary and secondary source and to locate sources for your subject.

Finding Primary and Secondary Sources by Subject

Search for PRIMARY Sources by Subject
  • Diversity in Education - Primary sources for African-Americans, American-Indians, Latinos & women's rights issues.
  • Drug Literature Evaluation - Primary source (clinical trials, experiments, scientific discoveries) and secondary sources (reviews and interpretations of primary sources) from PubMed and Cochrane Library.
  • History - Primary sources for United States History, Civil War, U.S. West History, European, Middle Eastern & East Asian history.               
  • Literature - Links to original works on Project Gutenberg, Early English Books Online (EEBO), American Poets, British Periodicals and more...
  • Life Sciences - Primary source documents in the Sciences (biology, ecology, chemistry) focus on original research, ideas, or findings published in academic journals. These articles mark the first publication of such research; and they detail the researcher’s methodology and results. Plant or mineral samples and other artifacts are primary sources as well.
  • Engineering - design notes, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, and field surveys.
  • Women & Gender-studies - Links to primary sources such as letters & diaries about women's rights and gender issues.