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Media Collection: Films by Language

Films by Language

Click on the languages listed below to see a listing of all the DVDs in the UW Libraries catalog available in that language.

Catalog results are displayed by relevance. On the results page, the entries may be sorted by date or title.













Searching Library Catalog by Language

By using the "Advanced Search" option in the UW Library Catalog, it is possible to locate DVDs or streaming video in a specific language. To search by DVD or streaming video, select "DVD/VIDEO/ETC" or "STREAMING VIDEO" in the "Material Type" box. Use the shift key along with the mouse pointer to select both types of media.

1. On the UW Libraries webpage, click on "Catalog."

2. On the "Catalog" page, locate the"Advanced Search" button in the "Additional search types" box.

3. The cursor will automatically go to the first blank search field. Type in the asterisk character (*) (shift 8 on a keyboard).

4. Scroll down and click on "DVD/VIDEO/ETC" and/or "STREAMING VIDEO" in the "Material Type" box.

5. In the "Language" box, scroll and locate the desired language. Click on that language. Multiple selections can be made by using the shift key along with the mouse.

6. Scroll down and click on the green "Submit" button.

7. Search results will be displayed. The default display is by "relevance." The results can also be sorted by date or title (alphabetically).

8. If no results are displayed, it means that there are no DVDs or streaming video available for that language.

9. The search for DVDs may be continued by clicking on the "Check Prospector" button.


Many DVDs come in multiple languages. Be sure to read the additional information provided in the catalog record to ensure the desired language is one of the options.