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University of Wyoming Libraries Research Launchpad

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Tutorials at UW


Welcome to the University of Wyoming tutorials' guide.  Use the links on the left to navigate through this guide.  See more tutorials on our YouTube Channel.

Finding Scholarly Articles

Covers finding scholarly articles on a topic with the UW Libraries Articles search.

Finding Books for Your Topic

This tutorial will demonstrate how to find books in the UW Libraries about a topic.

Find a Book by its Title or the Author

Shows how to quickly find a book when you know the title or author.

Locating Textbooks in the UW Libraries

This tutorial gives step-by-step instructions on how to determine if the UW Libraries has a course textbook.

This video tutorial provides step-by-step instruction to locate and borrow required course textbooks by using the International Standardized Book Number or ISBN.

Request Books (Off-Campus Students)

Outside of Laramie? We'll ship books directly to you.

Using Request It for Books and Articles

Get books, articles, and media using Request It.

How to Use Prospector & Mobius

Get books, media, and other items not available in the UW Libraries through our borrowing alliances with Colorado and Missouri libraries.