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SOWK 4560: Social Work Research: Home

Provides sources that will help students find Social Work Research articles.

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Article databases

The 20 Minute Rule: If you have searched for information for 20 minutes and have found nothing useful on your topic---STOP! It is time to contact a librarian for assistance.

The databases listed below are the recommended databases that are most useful for the topics you'll research in this class. There may be additional sources that will supplement these databases. Those databases can be found in the full databases lists for Social Work and Psychology.


Databases Tutorials
Psychology, behavioral and child development journal articles

Articles about Mental Health (3 min.)

Sample PsycINFO Search on EBSCOhost (3:25 min.)

Why Use the Thesaurus? (2:54 min.)

Google Scholar
Internet browser that searches multiple web sites for academic and scholarly materials.

Google Scholar Advanced Search Tutorial (2:57 min.)


Social Work Abstracts
Produced by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW),  deals with all aspects of the social work field, including theory and practice, areas of service and social issues and problems. Includes scholarly and professional articles on subjects such as therapy, education, human services, addictions, child and family welfare, mental health, civil and legal rights.

Social Work Abstracts (3:30 min.) Video tutorial from Carlton University.

Help Manual

Social Services Abstracts
Provides bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development.

Help Manual
Allied health journal articles
CINAHL EBSCO 2.0 Advanced Search (5:17)
From LIONTV, Shows search options available for the advanced search, including Boolean Logic.
Biomedical journal articles. Maintained by the National Library of Medicine. Database is freely available.
PubMed Simple Subject Search (1 min.) From the National Library of Medicine
PubMed Simple Subject Search: How It Works (1 min.) From NLM
PubMed: The Filters Sidebar (2 min.) From NLM

Educational journal articles, ERIC documents

ERIC Basis Search Demo (4: 07 min.) from LIONTV, shows basic search, limiting search results, interpreting search results, opening full text.

All UW Social Work databases