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Research Analytics: SciVal Instructions

Information on how to use research analytics tools to gauge research impact by author, article, or institution.

Analyzing Research Collaboration with SciVal

1. Log in to SciVal. Note: You will need to create a personal SciVal/Scopus login account to use this service.

2. Go to "Collaboration." In the left-hand column, click "Institutions and Groups," and choose the institution whose collaborations you want to analyze. If the desired institution name doesn't appear in the list, click "Add Institutions and Groups," and type a few letters of the name in the box, then click on the appropriate suggestion to add it.

3. SciVal shows information about current collaborations between authors from the selected institution and others, including for each collaborating organization:

  • Co-authored publications
  • Co-authors at the selected institution
  • Co-authors at the other Institution         
  • Number of Citations/Citations per Publication/Field-weighted citation impact.

Click on an institution name to see a window with more detailed information about collaborations with that institution.

The information can be displayed as a table, or as a map. On the map display, numbers are aggregated to the national level on worldwide and continental maps; when a specific country is chosen, each collaborating institution is shown as a point. Mouse-over a point to see a summary of the collaboration(s); click on the point to see more a window with more detailed information about collaborations with that institution.

Note that the analysis covers only a specified time period, going back as far as five years before the present. If desired, specify a different time period by clicking the arrow beside the dates in the "Source" line. You can also filter results by research area, by choosing a journal subject category from the drop-down list next to the date range; click the arrow beside a subject term to see the available subcategories.

4. To see information about institutions that are not collaborating with the selected institution, click "Potential Collaboration" on the main display, or "Potential Co-authors" on the Collaboration details window.

More information:

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