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Research Analytics: Institutional Impact

Information on how to use research analytics tools to gauge research impact by author, article, or institution.

Institution-Level Metrics

What is the impact of the research being performed at our institution? How do we compare with other institutions?

SciVal and InCites enable assessment of institutional research impact by aggregating the citation metrics of the authors affiliated with an institution. These aggregated metrics can be compared with those for other institutions, or with national and international benchmarks. You can also break down institutional research output by subject area (as assigned to the journals in which articles are published), and examine patterns of collaboration with other academic institutions, corporations, or countries, as described in the Research Collaboration section of this guide.

Below are directions for using SciVal and InCites to look up aggregate impact metrics for institutions, compare them with other institutions and benchmarks, and examine institutional research output in specific subject areas.


How do I calculate metrics for an institution's publications?

Instructions for calculating metrics using SciVal

Instructions for calculating metrics using InCites

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