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Research Analytics: Scopus Instructions

Information on how to use research analytics tools to gauge research impact by author, article, or institution.

Analyzing Article Impact with Scopus

How do I look up citation information for an article in Scopus?

1. Go to Scopus.

2. Search by keywords, author, title, or other options given on the search screen.

3. Locate the article in the results list.

4. The number in the far right-hand column of the results list indicates the number of times the article has been cited.

5. Click on the number to obtain a list of the publications citing the article.

6. Return to the results list and check the box in front of the article. At the top of the results list click on "Analyze search results" to obtain additional data about the citations to the article, such as number of citations per year, journal, author, institution, country, document type, and subject area.

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