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Research Analytics: Article Impact

Information on how to use research analytics tools to gauge research impact by author, article, or institution.

Article-Level Metrics

How many times has my article been cited?

The basic index of research impact is the number of times the item is cited in other publications. Since different academic disciplines have different citation practices, the significance of a given value will vary depending on the subject area. Also, newer articles will not normally be cited as often as older ones, for obvious reasons. Web of Science/InCites and Scopus/SciVal allow self-citations to be removed from their analyses.

Different tools may return different results!

Below are directions for looking up citations rates using three different sets of tools available to University of Wyoming-affiliated patrons.


How do I calculate metrics for my publications?

Instructions for calculating metrics using Scopus and SciVal

Instructions for calculating metrics using Web of Science and InCites

Instructions for calculating metrics using Google Scholar and Publish or Perish

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Have more questions about research analytics?

Contact us at if you have questions or comments about these tools.